Mice are very small rodents that typically live outdoors. Although they can survive cold temperatures, they will seek warmth and food, often times within your home. Mice are very smart, agile pests with the ability to enter very tiny cracks and holes, often times making their way into common areas of the home. Mice are a year round pest, although more common in the fall and winter as overnight temperatures begin to drop. Biology Adult Mice are approximately 3 inches in length, have a long tail, and are generally brown or gray in color. They have a keen sense of smell, taste and hearing, however they have poor vision and are color blind. Mice follow sent trails and will use their whiskers when travelling at night. Mice can jump as high as 12", are excellent climbers with great balance, and can enter a hole as small as 1/4". Mice Droppings are black, and about the size of a grain of rice.